Hi there! I’m Val, your friendly neighborhood fangirl.

My obsession with beauty began at a very early age—we’re talking swiping Mommy’s lipsticks while I was still in diapers so I could look like the stars I saw on TV. I went through a blue eyeshadow phase when I was eight, sported Wite-Out manicures in middle school, and rocked a rainbow of hair hues in high school and college (with various stops at Sephora in between for a spritz of Pink Sugar). And the fascination and enthusiasm didn’t stop there!

I made a living by writing about my love of beauty and everything else women’s lifestyle as an editor and host for Mode Media (now known as Glam Inc.) and as a writer for Refinery29.  While there, I reported on the newest “it” ingredients, innovations, and trends, and I gained insight from the industry’s most influential insiders. Plus I’ve even stepped in front of the camera for the Refinery29’s YouTube channel.

But even with that kind of access, I wanted a space of my own to share my thoughts on the rapidly shifting sphere as well as my favorite must-haves and inspirations without shying away from some of the underlying issues in the industry. Beauty provides creative ways to express ourselves and shape our identity. It’s meant to fun for everyone!

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Got a quick question or want to work together? Feel free to drop me a line at Valis@ValsVanity.com.