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Bath & Body Works Brings Back Fan-Favorite Fragrances

Sure, it’s technically #FlashbackFriday, but Bath & Body Works is opting for a new hashtag to revive some of its signature scents from the ’90s.

The brand announced on Thursday that it would revive 8 of its signature scents from its archives as part of its ongoing #FlashbackFragrance campaign, which started last year when the company brought back 6 of its original aromas. Though the scents are under lock and key until they hit shelves on May 27th, by process of elimination we likely won’t see Pearberry, Plumeria, Wild Honeysuckle, Juniper Breeze, or Cherry Blossom. But there’s still hope for some others like Sun-Ripened Raspberry and Seaspray from your middle schools days.

Most of my tween years were spent in a cloud of Sweet Pea, Cherry Blossom, and Juniper Breeze, with the popular crowd choosing to slather on the scent in the form of hand sanitizer that they sported clipped to their backpacks like Fendi’s bag bugs. Luckily, they were all too happy to share until our classrooms smelled more like Bath & Body Works itself, and the windows had to be thrown open so everyone could breathe. As awkward as that stage in life was, the saccharine smells bonded all the girls in our sense of self as mature young women–think the classic Disney movie line, “I’m 13, Mom. I’m not a baby anymore.” We had no idea what was ahead for us, but the future smelled sweet. So I think I’ll need to snap up a bottle or two of sanitizer if only for nostalgia’s sake.

Update: According to Pop Sugar, we can now choose between Sun-Ripened Raspberry will hit shelves first on May 27th to whet the appetites of nostalgic fragrance fanatics. Meanhile Country Apple, Cucumber Melon, Freesia, Brown Sugar & Fig, Mango Mandarin, Cotton Blossom, and Peony will arrive just a few weeks later on June 6th. Plus all of the #FlashbackFragrances will be available to spritz as a scent and slather on in the form of shower gel, body cream, and lotion if you really want to re-live your school days. But be sure to snap

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