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10 Motivational Typography Prints to Get Over the Hump-Day Slump


I’ve been feeling seriously sluggish lately, and it’s not just because of EDC (there will be more on this later). It could also be the batch of good weather we’ve finally received on the East Coast—I mean, I have to enjoy the sunshine while I can, right? Whatever it is, I find myself distracted by everything and I really need to focus. I can make promises as much as want, but unless there’s something there to remind me to complete my tasks, they can fall by the wayside. But I’ve decided to get myself in gear starting with my space.

While my decorating has stalled a bit with a bunch of boxes that I can’t get rid of just yet, I’m looking up when it comes to making my house my home, namely with some wall art that adds some motivational mojo. I’m a visual kind of person—if I can’t see it (or feel it tangibly) I just won’t get it. I’ve been on the hunt for cool prints that give me the life advice I need minus the saccharine clichés that already clutter home decor shelves. No shade to “Live, Laugh, Love,” but I need a swift kick in the butt, not a hug, to get stuff done. If you’re in the same boat, I’ve found a few favorites I’m adding to my cart to ensure I can Carpe that Diem and stay on track to making my dreams come true. 

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