Gabi Gregg’s Latest Swimwear Collection Focuses On the Impact of Inclusivity

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Gabi Gregg is back on the sales rack with the her latest collection for Swimsuits for All. But this time around, there’s an even bigger message that goes beyond body positivity to go along with her bold designs.

Though I’ve loved how the influencer and entrepreneur has always used her platform to spread body positivity, her latest collection strikes an even more empowering chord thanks to its campaign. And I couldn’t be more excited about it! Featuring Philomena Kwao, a model and philanthropist, and Ericka Hart, an activist and sexuality educator, in the Survivor-inspired (the Destiny’s Child throwback, not the reality TV show) spread, each shared their own stories of survival and how it has empowered them to push forward for a better, more inclusive, future. “I wanna insert myself in a narrative where I’m oftentimes erased,” Hart said in an audio clip on Swimsuits For All’s site. “And just in general, you don’t get to see black, queer femmes talking about their bodies, and being topless, and pushing up against white supremacists’ notions of how we’re supposed to exist.”

Kwao noted that there has been a serious shift in the industry but noted there was still a ways to go in creating more diverse examples of beauty. “Working in the industry for I’d say about five years now, I have noticed that brands have started to accept that dark skin is beautiful,” she said. “In everything, in fashion, in music, in movies that’s changing, and it’s changing for the better.”

via GabiFresh.

“Naturally, people assume that someone my size and race doesn’t have the same insight and creativity,” Gregg said, who hopes to see more intersectional representation of size, shape, ability, and skin tone for 2018. “That’s one of the reasons I do this is to prove that we, as curvy and plus-size women, do have creativity, and we do want to design, we do want to look great, we want to participate in fashion…and prove we deserve the same space.”

And the space she’s created so far looks phenomenal! In the last year alone, the fashion force not only launched her own ready-to-wear line, Premme, alongside fellow blogger and pal Nicolette Mason, but she also collaborated with Playful Promises on a collection of affordable plus-size lingerie (which I’m planning on getting my hands on before Valentine’s Day). But all of that success stems from her long relationship with the brand that gave her her design start: Swimsuits for All. Talk about full circle!

If you plan to escape the winter chill for more sunnier locales anytime soon, you won’t be disappointed in her latest sultry designs for the straight and plus-size set that not only made you feel sexy but also strong. And though they’ve just hit the site today, I have feeling they’ll be flying off the shelves shortly! With rich jewel tones, mesh cutouts, and metallic hardware, the 10-piece collection comes in sizes 10-26 with bra cup sizes going as high as G and H! One the standout silhouettes is the bright red Volcano underwire bikini, which is loaded with silver grommets for added shine to the swimsuit’s sexy appeal.

But if you asked Gregg herself, she would find it it hard to choose, as she told People she was torn between the line’s leopard one-piece and her white bikini because “the mesh tee over top is a play on a wet t-shirt vibe and I’m so glad we were able to translate it into swimwear.”

But if you want a closer look at the rest of the collection, head over GabiFresh. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself pushing “Add to Cart” on everything and checking Kwao and Hart’s social media in the process!

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