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#OnMyVanity: Ole Henriksen’s POWER Bright Kit



I receive a slew of samples, and when I find something I like, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

There are day trips to the beach, weekends in the Hamptons, a week down the shore, or a few hour spent sitting by a rooftop pool are just a few of the ways we’re all trying to soak up the sun. But even with sunscreen slathered on every two hours, skin can still be damaged, further darkening any spots on the skin, dulling the complexion, and causing pre-mature aging, so brightening is essential to maintaining a clear complexion. But while moisturizers and serums can up to four weeks to begin to see results, Ole Henriksen has just given me everything needed for a gorgeous glow in just half an hour!

I first got to test-drive the Power Bright Kit during an event the company threw, inviting editors and influencers for a spa-worthy facial featuring the new skincare essentials, complete with massages, makeup touch-ups, and plush robes. My esthetician, Christina, started by exfoliating with the Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask which comes in a handy pod for a “one and done” approach. Though it’s formulated with honey and pomegranate, it smells like an Orangesicle, which sounds especially delicious when the weather’s this hot! Next, she applied the Radiant Truth 25% Vitamin C Intensive Treatment for just 3 minutes since it has the highest concentration of ascorbic acid available to power through dark spots and signs of aging faster than anything else on the shelf right now.

Instead of washing off the concentrate, she layered the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser over it to activate the formula further with a few tingles to show it’s working but shouldn’t cause irritation to most. But those with sensitive skin should give it a test on your arm to be safe. After 10 to 15 minutes, wipe off the product with the complexion sponges included in the kit and warm water and you’ll be shocked to see how illuminated you look.

Best of all, the kit contains 6 treatments to share with friends after a day at the beach, do some serious damage control in a flash, or to save when you really need to spoil yourself. Plus each treatment is packaged like its previous Power Peel system, making it a TSA-friendly addition to your carry-on, so you can leave your highlighters at home.

Available at Sephora, $55


It's as easy as 1...

It’s as easy as 1…





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