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Kat Graham Is All About Girl Power & Fab Fragrances

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From the TV set to Snapchat to the red carpet and beyond, Kat Graham is kind of killing it. Mere months after becoming the face of Wet ‘n’ Wild (alongside Jasmine V and Brianna Howey), The Vampire Diaries darling was named Caress‘s new fabulista, not only showing off her style but empowering others to live fiercely and fearlessly.

The star and social media maven introduced a group of editors to the newest additions to Caress’s ground-breaking Forever Collection , which features scent technology that allows you to refresh the fragrance through touch for up to 12 hours. Enchant Forever is a fabulous floral gourmand fragrance with notes of honeysuckle and satinwood while Mystique Forever offers more sensual fare with notes of Imperial Iris and rich amber. Graham admitted that she’s sniffed all of the scents, but does have a favorite. “Enchant Forever is my jam. I thought Mystique Forever would be it because I’m a big amber scent girl, but it turns out Enchant Forever is my fave,” she gushed. “I put a little on my wrist and just smell it sometimes, and I think, ‘Ok, I’m good. I can meet people. I don’t smell like how hard I work.'”

And Graham puts in work! Aside from her beauty duties and her work on The Vampire Diaries, she’s also working on her music and staying connected with her fans. “I always told my mom, ‘When I grow up, I’m going to be a famous actress, and I’m going to be a people’s artist,’” she explained. “[What it] meant to me, as a young girl, was I wanted to be not only someone who was connected to the fans, connected to people, connected to causes that were all about female empowerment; that I had a message; that if I was the face of anything, it was going to be a company that was accessible to me, that you could afford no matter what place you were in your life. I wanted to be an accessible artist.”

And like her artistic philosophy, she wants to encourage women to indulge their inner royal and treat themselves like queens. “This campaign is about channeling your inner queen and being fierce and being fearless and unapologetically powerful, and that looks different to us because as women, we have so many different ‘notes,'” she said, pun intended.

Smell is the most important sense for the actress, who uses fragrance, like fashion, as her armor for everyday life. “I’m somebody that likes darker, more mysterious scents, and I like things that reflect my personality,” she told the group. “I’m kind of a tough girl; I’m some poor kid from Hollywood that got a break, and I like to smell powerful. That translates to me with how I interact with people, in my work—smell to me is extremely important, and it does reflect who I am as a person.”

Graham noted that the scents in the collection, which were inspired by fine fragrances like Prada Candy and Viktor & Rolfe’s Flowerbomb, were meant to be mixed and matched with your favorite scents. “There are certain lighter fragrances that bring out different things in the Caress smell, so it’s really fun playing around with notes if you are a smell person. But if not, you can just go with Caress and move on since it smells good. Figure out what works for you and how the scent complements your natural scent. I’ve tried them all…it’s a problem,” she said.

Don’t worry, Kat. We have the same problem, but it’s not a crime to smell so fine!

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Good Charlotte Grows Up & Goes Inside “Youth Authority”

Photo Apr 21, 2 27 54 PM copy

Good Charlotte stirs ups memories of Chuck Taylors, guyliner, and mosh pits for most fans. But like the rest of us, the band has grown up and priorities have changed with the group taking a break back in 2011 to focus on family. We saw twins Benji and Joel Madden branch out with a project all their own in 2014 and mentor up-and-coming artists on The Voice in Australia; Billy Martin shifted artistic direction with the comic Darious McDreary: A Boy and His Bat and began contributing art to other titles; Paul Thomas went back to school and worked with the likes of Seeking Empire and The Strayed; and Dean Butterworth spent some time with Sugar Ray and provided the beat for Hollywood Game Night. But we’ve hardly heard a note from them for almost five years until the group finally released the single “Makeshift Love” late in 2015. They’ve triumphantly returned with a fresh single, an upcoming album named Youth Authority, and a four-city tour of the East Coast. I got to sneak into soundcheck when the guys made a stop in the Big Apple to discover the shift in their sound, share their advice for anyone looking to make it big in music, and revive the nostalgia from the early aughts’ pop-punk era while still moving forward.

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Guess What! Dyson Now Does Hair Dryers



Vacuums are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Dyson, but the brand is making a lot of noise by branching into beauty with its first hair dryer!

Known as the Supersonic, the aesthetically pleasing dryer features a hollow head (similar to its range of fan heaters) with a high-speed 13-blade motor that’s small enough to be housed in the handle for a lighter feel while you style. While it delivers three airflow settings, four heat settings, and a cool blast, acoustic engineers managed to cut the noise down to a frequency that’s about almost inaudible to humans. Not to mention, it also has a magnetic heatproof nozzle and an intelligent heat sensor to ensure you don’t scorch your strands.

The dryer was the result of over four years of research and a $72 million dollar investment in a separate lab to understand the science behind our tresses and to discover if there was a way to improve the hair dryer that we’ve known up until now. The company found the problem much more complex to solve and “counterintuitive” to their previous work. “Trust me when I say there are many more approaches and angles to blow-drying than vacuuming in the world,” Ed Shelton, a design manager for the Supersonic, told The New York Times. “British women want volume. Japanese women want straightness. No one wants hair damage. And then we had to create a fleet of robots specifically to test that over and over again.” So given all the research and care that went into it, it’s no surprise that the dryer will retail for $399 when it becomes available for purchase.

The dryer has already received a seal of approval from celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, who offered her insight on the dryer’s development and will partner with the brand for its launch in August with a series of tutorials showing mane mavens how to really work with it to scores the styles they love.

Sadly this mane must is only available in Japan now, but according to Racked, it will hit Sephora shelves in September. So mark your calendar and start saving your pennies now, kittens!


10 Pretty Plus Size Dresses Perfect for Wedding Season

If your social feed was swarming with the glint of a thousand diamond engagement rings over Valentine’s Day, you already know that all those wedding invitations are on their way. Aside from selecting the right gift for the happy couple, the next question is always, “What am I going to wear?” Fuller-figured fashionistas are faced with finding frocks that are not only elegant enough for the sweet ceremony but will help keep their cool when they’re getting down on the dance floor during the reception. With floating fabrics, pretty pastels, and shapely silhouettes, I scoured some of my favorite fashion stops to ensure you look sweet and chic for all the photos and social snapping throughout the festivities.

 Courtesy of Eloquii

Eloquii Studio Bonded Pique Dress, $139.90

This fab fit and flare is already red-carpet approved from the likes of Rebel Wilson, so it’s sure to stun for your special occasion.

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Pat McGrath’s Feeding Your Skin Fetish Once Again

PAT McGRATH LABS Skin Fetish 003 in Golden

Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

Calling Pat McGrath the Godmother of modern makeup is a bit of an understatement. Her hands have shaped endless beauty trends that we follow religiously, refined the cosmetic collections of brands like CoverGirl, Max Factor, and Dolce & Gabbana—all before launching her own line. Now her latest release soared off of shelves before the end of the first day of availability!

Named Skin Fetish 003, the sets feature an iridescent gel pigment in one of two shades (one for warm tones and one for cool), a buffer brush, as well as a dual-ended Shiny Stick. This magical stick comes with a beautifying balm that delivers a fresh, dewy glow while the highlighter on the other end accentuates the high points of the face (cheeks, nose, lips, and more) with a subtle dash of dazzle.

Makeup mavens got their first peek at the illuminated effect during the Valentino Fall 2016 show where models channeled the ethereal beauty of ballerinas. But we can easily see it on beach-bound beauties or festival season flower children and everyone in between!

But be forewarned; according to a statement from the makeup maestro, “Users may experience increased confidence, attraction to mirrors, and other side effects associated with supremely salacious skin.”

Check out the other shade below:

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Spring Hairstyle Tips Straight from the Salon Chair


After a warm winter and a chilly start to spring, now’s finally the time to let your hair down and try something new. But test-driving some of the top hair trends for the season can easily end in disaster, so I turned to celeb stylists Gabriel Samra and Kim Kimble (prior to the Lemonade premiere this weekend where she worked her magic throughout) for their top tips to ensure your hair looks and feels healthy—no matter what hairstyle you select.

Keep Hair Hydrated — This applies regardless of the time of year. While April showers bring on plenty of frizz, it’s likely because your strands are thirsty, causing them to try and absorb the added moisture in the air. Kimble notes that repairing the damage after a season of heat styling is key to keeping frizz at bay. To keep hair soft and moisturized during warmer months, use Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, which also keeps hair healthy because it prevents damage before it begins,” she recommended. “The new conditioner formula contains new technology that helps repair and prevent damage at the root for longer, stronger, healthier hair.”

Work with Your Natural Texture — Effortless hair has been a trend for a few seasons, so you can save your pennies from your regularly scheduled blowout and still look stylish. “Over the past two years, we saw extremes. We saw very sleek and then very messy, and now this is a fusion of the two,” Samra explained. He advised using 1 to 2 day-old hair, as “it has some of its natural oils to help with providing the desired textured look,” and can hold a curl or bend in the hair better if you’re looking to enhance your natural texture with heat.

Don’t Fret Over Frizz — I know it sounds counterintuitive, but most stylists nowadays are letting the frizz fly for more natural, effortless appeal. Both stylists recommended using a light hairspray like Pantene’s Smooth Anti-Humidity Airspray to set the style without feeling stiff or sticky. Kimble added, “Use this product to refresh your style throughout the day without worrying about product buildup or residue for a soft, touchable look.”

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#ManiMonday: 5 Nail Vloggers to Subscribe to ASAP!

I’ll admit I’m not as talented when it comes to nail art—sometimes just getting the color to lie right can be a pain. But I, like the rest of you, spend hours on YouTube learning new techniques and getting inspired by a slew of mani mavens who create works of art on a weekly basis. With inventive, eye-catching looks and undeniable talent, these are the nail ninjas you need to add to your feed ASAP.

NinaNailedIt — I first heard of Nina when she became a finalist in Sally Hansen’s I Heart Nail Art annual competition, which pits the best nail ninjas against each other to highlight their skill and creativity. So far, Nina’s covered the natural elements, including fresh flora, fauna, and white marble, she’s also taking nail art into another galaxy with her array of tutorials. Though her channel is new, it looks like there’s nowhere to go but up!

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#OnMyVanity: Milk Lip + Cheek Tint


I receive a slew of samples, and when I find something I like, I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Multiple sticks are nothing new these days, but they have increasingly become essentials for those who need to get glam on the go. And with the recent launch of Milk’s makeup line, I was curious to see what the hype was all about since it flew off the shelves faster than retailers could keep up with. So as soon as I spotted a few of the sticks on, I immediately clicked “Add to Cart.” And once I got my hands on it, I shared my take on the stick on Snapchat (so if you’re not following me there, what are you waiting for?!).

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Dove Wants You to #LoveYourHair


Whether your hair’s long, short, curly, straight, blonde, brunette, candy-colored, or shaven off completely, we’re all faced with the balancing our individuality with the narrow societal standards of beauty. In fact, a study recently found 86% of US women believe that media and society put a lot of pressure on women to have hair that looks a certain way—namely long, silky straight brunette locks, just ask Google.

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Danielle Brooks Is the Face of Christian Siriano’s Collab with Lane Bryant

via People Magazine

via People Magazine

Danielle Brooks is trading in her Orange Is the New Black jumpsuit for something more red carpet ready as the face of the Christian Siriano x Lane Bryant collaboration, which hits stores on April 28th.

Brooks was a simple choice for Siriano, who works regularly with the actress and even had her wear one of his gowns to the 2015 Emmys. “I thought she was the perfect muse for this kind of figure,” the designer told Refinery29. “She celebrates her body and is a great muse for this world. She is so positive about it, and you don’t always find that.”

Siriano’s goal was to not only show off  serious color but also lots of fun with fashion in the form of flirty fit and flares, sheer skirts, and a series of striped tops. “We took a lot of inspiration from 1950s ice cream parlors,” he explained to People. “I wanted there to be a lot of prints and stripes and textures, but still feel modern, with a little vintage feeling as well. I think the clothes are really great, wearable, fun and fresh, and that’s what we wanted to see.”

Brooks was excited about the chance to work again with Siriano, and she clearly had a blast on set.“It was fun to be surrounded by all these sexy men holding my dress and tying my shoes,”she said.“Plus, the clothes helped me to embody the way in which we did the photo shoot—they make you feel sexy, like everyone has their eyes on you. It’s like these are the clothes you want to wear when you walk down the street and want to make heads turn.”

Yes, I need to stop stalking People’s site, but I couldn’t help myself when I heard the good news—I mean, I want to make heads turn too! Brooks has proven to be a formidable actress, not only as the beloved Tastee on OINTB but also in The Color Purple currently on Broadway. Not to mention her chic sense of style (Did you see her Ebony cover with GabiFresh and the gang?). Her love of sultry silhouettes and vibrant colors make her one to watch on any red carpet she struts on, and she prompts fuller-figured fashionistas to hunt for whatever pieces she shows off on Instagram.

Needless to say, I’m shopping this collection as soon as it hits the shelves. But for now, head over to Refinery29 to see more of the pieces that are available in the collection, and check out People for the rest of the chic snaps from behind the scenes of the campaign shoot.